Schrieken en Gouvernante

As an entrepeneur you are in control, we at S&G can take care of your complete administration or only parts of it. S&G helps you with your company-processes and how to work more efficient, because we think that's an important asset of being a bookkeeper. Besides this, we can assist with any kind of financial control for the SME.
Online accountancy is the new style, is it yours too?

We are your (virtual) bookkeeper, you financial advisor online. Who you can easily call, mail or chat with when there are any questions, but also the one with whom you discuss personal affairs regularly. We are applying a steady fee and automate your accountancy online, so you can keep a 24/7 track on it. This way we (entrepeneur and accountant) benefit in time and money. If there is more work to be done we will always contact you in advance. We at S&G feel this transparancy is very important, just like communication, which is included in our rates.

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